Safety and Connection

            To feel connected is one of the most, if not the most, basic human desire that we all experience. Everyone wants to be seen, to feel significant. To have a place to weep. To laugh. To be scared. To be fully honest, and fully embraced in return. In a cold and harsh world, we need to experience warmth and connection.

            Urban Therapy UK’s flexible and integrative approach is tailored to fit any need, whether you have a certain goal or want to go on a path of discovery. In therapy you must feel free to be yourself, and know that you will be genuinely loved and accepted. You will be seen, known, and heard and ultimately you will have someone invested in your story.

            Therapy is about taking back ownership of your life. The things that have held you back and kept you from growth, can be understood and seen in a new light. Many people believe that what they have experienced in life so far is ultimately their destiny—but it does not need to be this way.

            Through the collaboration between client and counselor, profound change is possible. As a result, my hope is that clients would leave the process with the ability to affect the world that they are a resident of. People who have been loved and accepted, love and accept others. Everyone wants to feel safe.